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Is it Worth Fixing a Cell Phone Screen?

Is it Worth Fixing a Cell Phone Screen?

Is it Worth Fixing a Cell Phone Screen?

Dropping your phone and seeing the screen crack is a gut-wrenching moment. You might wonder whether it’s better to repair the screen or just buy a new phone. The answer depends on many factors. These include the cost, age of the phone, and your needs. Let’s explore these factors to help you make the best decision.

Assessing the Damage

The first thing to do is assess the damage. Is it just a small crack, or is the screen shattered? Small cracks might seem minor. But, they can expand over time, affecting touch and letting in dust and moisture. If the damage is extensive, using the phone might become difficult or even dangerous.

Can a Broken Cell Phone Be Fixed?

Cost Considerations

One of the biggest factors in deciding whether to repair a phone screen is the cost. Screen repair is often cheaper than buying a new device. However, repair costs can vary widely depending on the model and the extent of the damage.

For example, a repair for an iPhone 14 Pro Max screen can cost around £300. But, for an older model like the iPhone SE, it might cost around £100. Android phone repairs can also vary, with high-end models costing more to fix. It’s good to get a repair estimate from a good service provider. It helps you understand the potential cost.

Age of the Phone

The age of your phone is another important consideration. If your phone is relatively new and in good condition, repairing the screen might be worth it. You can extend the life of your phone by another year or two, making the repair a cost-effective option.

However, if your phone is several years old, the cost of repair might approach the value of the phone. Older phones might also have other issues. These include battery problems and outdated software. These issues make a new purchase more sensible.

Warranty and Insurance

Check if your phone is still under warranty or if you have an insurance plan. Many warranty plans, like AppleCare+, cover screen repairs at a reduced cost. For instance, you can get an iPhone screen repaired for about £25 under AppleCare+. Samsung offers similar plans with their Care+ service.

If you have an insurance plan through your carrier, like EE or Vodafone, they might also pay for repairs. Be sure to check the terms, as some plans have limits on the number of claims you can make in a year.

DIY Repair Kits

For those who are handy and feel confident, DIY repair kits are an option. These kits come with tools and instructions to replace the screen yourself. However, this is not recommended for everyone. DIY repairs can void warranties and, if not done correctly, might cause more damage to the phone. Consider this option only if you have the necessary skills and are willing to take the risk.

Environmental Considerations

Repairing your phone instead of buying a new one can be better for the environment. E-waste is a growing problem. Extending your device’s life reduces e-waste. Many repair services also offer recycling options for old phones. This can be a more sustainable choice.

When to Buy a New Phone

Sometimes, buying a new phone is the better option. Here are a few scenarios where it might make more sense to replace your device:

  1. Repair Costs Exceed Phone Value: If the repair cost is close to or more than the value of your phone, it’s better to invest in a new one.
  2. Outdated Software: Older phones might not get the latest updates. This makes them less secure and compatible with new apps.
  3. Poor Performance: If your phone is slow, crashes a lot, or has a weak battery, a new phone will be faster and more reliable.
  4. Urgent Need: If you rely heavily on your phone for work or personal use, waiting for a repair might not be practical. Some repairs can take days or even weeks, whereas a new phone is immediately ready for use.

Choosing a Screen Protector

After getting your screen repaired or buying a new phone, it’s wise to invest in a good screen protector. Screen protectors come in two main types: tempered glass and plastic. Tempered glass protectors are stronger and offer better protection. But, they can cost more. Plastic protectors are cheaper but might not provide the same level of protection.

Consider the thickness and coverage of the protector. Thicker protectors are more durable but might be more noticeable. Full-coverage protectors cover the edges of the screen. They offer better protection but can be harder to install.


Deciding to repair or replace your phone screen depends on cost. It also depends on factors like phone age and your needs. If the repair cost is low and your phone is new, fixing the screen can extend its life. However, if your phone is old or has multiple issues, buying a new one might be more practical.

Remember to check your warranty or insurance. Consider DIY options carefully. Also, think about the environmental impact. Whatever you decide, taking good care of your phone. Using a screen protector can help prevent future damage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to repair a phone screen?

The cost varies depending on the model and damage extent, typically ranging from £50 to £300. Get an estimate from a reputable repair service for accurate pricing.

Is it better to repair or replace a cracked screen?

Repairing is often cheaper and extends your phone’s life. However, if the repair cost is high or the phone is old, replacing it might be more practical.

Can I fix my phone screen myself?

DIY repair kits are available, but they require skill and can void warranties. Incorrect repairs may cause further damage. Consider professional repair services for safety and reliability.

Does phone insurance cover screen repairs?

Many insurance plans and warranties, like AppleCare+ and Samsung Care+, cover screen repairs at reduced costs. Check your specific plan for coverage details and claim limits.

How long does a screen repair take?

Repair time varies, from under an hour to a few days, depending on the service provider and parts availability. Some repairs might take longer if specific components need ordering.

Will a cracked screen worsen over time?

Yes, small cracks can grow. They affect touch and let in dust and moisture. Prompt repair is advisable to prevent further damage and ensure proper phone operation.

Is it environmentally friendly to repair a phone screen?

Yes, repairing your phone reduces electronic waste and extends the device’s lifespan. It is a more sustainable option compared to buying a new phone.

What type of screen protector should I use?

Tempered glass protectors offer better protection but are more expensive. Plastic protectors are cheaper but less durable. Choose one that fits your phone model and needs.